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01223 276169

Personal Training

I am committed to seeing large improvements in all of my golfers and clients, and expect the same commitment in return. I offer training packages after the initial consultation.

The packages include work outs, nutritional advice and golf specific exercises.

Changing your thoughts and feelings towards physical training and altering the hormonal response your get from this can enhance the effects of physical training when looking to change body shape. Using Emwave technology clients can be assessed to see how well and engaged they are with the gym programs


To see the larger picture in golf coaching and training, it is important for golfers to understand why they struggle with certain movements in technical swing changes. Looking at the top players in world coming through most are physically very strong. Working with me on a gym specific program linked to your overall aims and goals can really enhance what you do on the course.

Running basic golf and fitness screens allows us to understand where your current physical restrictions are and what needs to happen to get you nearer your goal.

Golf Physical Screen